How to Define your Targeted Customers? by Digital Deepak

Hey, I’m here again to share my experience in digital Deepak's online internship program.

The second class of the internship program began with encouraging my batchmates to teach others about digital marketing as part of learning and growing together. When you teach, you understand things in a better way.

“Learn>Do>Teach” is the motto

As part of the internship program, Deepak sir said he will launch a program where we could do live webinars for the other people in the batch on any topic of our choice. It would be an opportunity to improve communication, presentation, and public speaking skills.

To know what makes you a perfect marketer you need to understand what is marketing. Marketing can be simply defined as building trust and making good conversation with the customer before selling him/her the product/service.

3 Things Make you a Perfect Marketer

  1. Be a Good Communicator: Communication is key in any career and day to day life. To build trust in customer you need to make a good conversation with him/her and explain how he is going to benefit from the product/service.
    * Try to make a successful conversation with 1:1in order to build a conversation with 1:many.
    * Address people by their first name while writing an email, it makes customers feel more connected.
  2. Be Authentic: We are in the era of digitalization, most of the people have their own digital presence no matter how big or influencing it is. If you want to shine and be unique in this digital world you have to be authentic. Being fake or having just subscribers whom you cannot take to the bottom of the sales funnel is a waste of time and energy. People only attract or consume content from authentic creators, you must be you to make money or drive sales.
  3. Learn: Learning is a process and there is no end to it. Be a good learner to be a good marketer, meet more people, travel more places, learn new skills, languages, instruments. Just evolve in every possible way to meet new people and learn people's behaviors.

If everyone is your audience then no one is your audience

When you try to make conversations with a lot of people. If you are trying to talk with everyone no one is going to hear from you. In order to get the attention, you need to find the targeted audience who listens and adds value to the conversation.

To define your targeted audience or customer avatar you need to explore more ways to connect with people and get information to build a statistical approach to reach your customers. There are many ways to extract data, do surveys, meet people from your niche, asking them questions 1:1, understanding their pain points, needs & requirements from product/service, etc.

To create a customer avatar ask questions to people mainly on demographics(age, gender, income, profession, marital status, etc.). Psychographics like(goals, likes, dislikes, hobbies, books they read, etc.). Add questions related to your niche to know how much they are interested and what are their requirements and expectations from your niche.

Later, share the survey in social media, emails, set as a pop up in your blog. Get the responses and filter data to define your customer avatar.

Let's go to stats of customer avatar which I have done a survey for a food blog. Click here to fill the survey form.

So from the above results, I have created an ideal customer avatar for a food blog.

That’s all for the day. Looking forward to share next class experience. Stay tuned!